Play 2, 2010


by David Williamson

directed by Leo Bradley

Season Closed


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A behind the scenes look at the life and influence
of the radio “shock-jock”.

The Play

Meet Ziggy Blasko -  Australia’s most popular
talk back radio host.

Though criticised for promoting ethnic hatred and inflaming tensions, he's at the top of his career.
Ziggy has an expensive house, a new wife, a loving daughter, and a houseful of servants.

Ziggy has everything - or so it seems.

But the more he lashes out at the world, 
the more his own life seems to be falling apart.

Can Ziggy weather the storm?

The Playwright

David Williamson rose to prominence in the early 1970s, with works such as Don's Party (later turned into a 1976 film), a comic drama set during an Australian federal election and The Removalists (1971).

Graduating from Monash University in 1965, he worked briefly for General Motors Holden and then as a lecturer for Swinburne University, before he turned to writing plays in 1967. Williamson's plays focus on themes of politics, loyalty and family in contemporary urban Australia, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney.

His major works include The Club, The Department, Travelling North, The Perfectionist, Emerald City, Money and Friends and Brilliant Lies.

He also collaborated on the screenplays for Gallipoli (1981) and The Year of Living Dangerously (1982).


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The Director

As a designer of sets and costumes, Leo has been involved in Theatre for many years. He has become known for the innovative set design of shows such as Oklahoma! (2001), Fiddler on the Roof (2002) , The Shifting Heart (2005) and Secret Bridesmaid's Business (2005). Other memorable designs were the hysterically costumes for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) and the Regency costumes for The Busybody (2003). Leo was the director of the acclaimed productions of As You Like It (2004) and Over the Top with Jim (2006).

He has been a keen supporter and member of Villanova Players, appearing on stage in Away (1993), Snapshots from Home (2002)'Allo, 'Allo"(2003) and most recently as the drunken Hindley in Wuthering Heights (2009).

The Cast

Ziggi Blasko

Patrick Mullins

Carmela Blasko, his wife

Meagan Lawson

Vivienne Blasko, his daughter

Noelle Dreves

Connie Blasko , his sister

Liz Morris

Marko Blasko, his father

Trevor Bond

Tony, driver and  handyman

Robert Gettons

Zehra, housekeeper and nanny

Mary St Ledger


Veronica, Stan, Alan, Ron, Virginia

Matthew Knox
Margaret O’Donnell
Liz Morris
Noelle Dreves

The Crew

Stage Manager Matthew Knox
Lighting and Sound Operator Blaise Ahern


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