by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Fiona Kennedy

Play 2,   2006

Season Closed

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The Play

More than fifty years after the British have left the subcontinent, the British Raj continues to be a source of fascination today. Set against this shift in history, "Indian Ink" is based on Tom Stoppard's 1991 radio play "In the Native State". It premiered in London in 1995.

"Indian Ink" is set in 1930's India, where an English poet, Flora Crewe, befriends a widowed painter, Nirad Das. The worlds of these two artists collide as their respective nations break apart. Fifty years later, biographer Eldon Pike struggles to piece together Flora's free-spirited life from the fragmented bits of evidence she left behind.

The result is a multi-layered comedy of two sophisticated cultures.

The Writer

Tom Stoppard was born "Tom Straussler" in Zlin, Czechoslovakia in 1937. His family moved to Singapore to escape the Nazis, then, shortly before the Japanese invasion of Singapore, young Tom fled to Darjeeling, India with his mother and brother. His father, however, remained behind and was killed during the invasion. In 1946, the family emigrated to England after Tom's mother married Kenneth Stoppard, a major in the British army.

Tom Stoppard has won Broadway's Tony Award three times as author of a Best Play. In 1968 for "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", in 1976 for "Travesties" and in 1984 for "The Real Thing." He was also nominated in 1995 for "Arcadia" and in 2001 for "The Invention of Love".

With a reputation as a writer of "serious comedy", Stoppard's plays are plays of ideas that deal with issues, yet he presents these ideas with verbal wit and visual humour, that keep it entertaining. His use of language, with its puns, jokes, innuendo, and other wordplay, is a chief characteristic of his work.

Quote:    "The days of the digital watch are numbered."

The Director

At Villanova Players, Fiona Kennedy most recently directed "The Shifting heart".

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The Cast



Flora CreweMaria Becquigny
CoomaraswamiRoy David
NazrulRaahul Kumar
Eleanor SwanGlynne Liddy
Eldon PikeLuke Monsour
Anish DasSuresh Thennarangam
Nirad DasDavid Albuquerque
David DuranceDan Kennedy
DilipPeter Cattach
ResidentPaul Liddy
English WomanPatsy Fomiatti
English ManJeff Ahern
Rajah/PoliticianKeith Jagannath
NellAli Kerr
EricJohn Kennedy
Indian QuestionerRaahul Kumar
Club ServantTanay Albuquerque
Rajah's ServantRaahul Kumar
Indian ChildZoe Sequeira
Indian ChildRenee Sequeira
Indian ChildSimone Sequeira
Indian WomanChristine Sequeira
Crowd PersonDenise D'Souza
Crowd Person/ ServantTanay Albuquerque
English WomanMargaret O'Donnell

The Production Team



DirectorFionna Kennedy
Stage ManagerMickey O'Donnell
Asst Stage ManagerBlaise Ahern
Production ManagerVeronica Pronger
Prod Manager MentorColleen Lock
Publicity CoordinatorJane Binstead
Publicity Assistant/ Graphic DesignerMegan Channer
Publicity AssistantDenise D'Souza
Publicity AssistantKerri Schrauf
Set and Costume DesignAli Kerr
Costume Design AssistantPatsy Fomiatti
Sound Design and Sound OperatorJustin Kingma
Lighting DesignGregg Goriss
Lighting OperatorCindy Lake
Projector OperatorMary Baster
Program DesignAli Kerr
Casting Committee LiaisonTrish Carroll
Front of House CoordinatorsKerri Schrauf, Lenore Girard
Ushers CoordinatorJeff Ahern
BookingsLaurie Monsour

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