Play 4, 2011

Summer Wonderland

by Matthew Ryan

directed by Leo Bradley

Season Closed


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It's all about the Christmas lights... and sticking it to the neighbours!

The Play

Christmas in Brisbane - it's all about unbearable heat, unbearable families and having a better Christmas light's display than the neighbours!

Meet Foster Jones, son of the unemployed Bob, who lives next door to
Eugene and his high maintenance Russian bride, Svetlana, who lives next door to
the "upwardly mobile" Marti and her daughter, Demoiselle, who lives next door to ... that crazy old lady!

Here is a true blue parody of life's trials and tribulations faced by
an eccentric group of neighbours in a quiet little cul-de-sac in suburban Australia.
When they enter a Christmas lights competition to solve their money woes,
the neighbourhood goes to war.

Summer Wonderland is a wonderful Christmas comedy
about fake snow, fairy lights and the great Australian dream.

Summer Wonderland Poster

The Playwright

Matthew Ryan’s theatre writing credits include: So You Die a Little co-written with Tony Brockman (Pandemonium Theatre, 1998 and shortlisted for Queensland Theatre Company’s 1999 George Landen Dann Award), The Dance of Jeremiah (Australian Theatre for Young People, 2000 and La Boite Theatre Company, 2005 and winner of Queensland Theatre Company’s 2000 George Landen Dann Award), Julia Rose (Queensland Theatre Company’s “The Works”, 2003 and shortlisted for the Sydney Theatre Company’s 2005 Patrick White Playwriting Award) and Summer Wonderland (La Boite Theatre Company, 2007)

Matthew served as co-creator and writer of Attack of the Attacking Attackers! (La Boite Theatre Company, 2008 and winner of 2009 Matilda Award for Best New Australian Work). Matthew has written several plays for young people for Backbone Youth Arts, including Lost Property Rulesm>, The Tree House, Rules of Thumb and The Wall. Matthew is a workshop facilitator for Backbone Youth Arts and a co-founder of The Escapists. Summer Wonderland.

The Director

As a designer of sets and costumes, Leo has been involved in Theatre for many years. He has become known for the innovative set design of shows such as Oklahoma! (2001), Fiddler on the Roof (2002) , The Shifting Heart (2005) and Secret Bridesmaid's Business (2005). Other memorable designs were the hysterically funny costumes for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) and the Regency costumes for The Busybody (2003). Leo was the director of the acclaimed productions of As You Like It (2004) and Over the Top with Jim (2006).  

He has been a keen supporter and member of VPs, appearing on stage in Away (1993), Snapshots from Home (2002), 'Allo, 'Allo (2003) , Wuthering Heights (2009) and most recently as the Inspector in An Inspector Calls (2010).

The Cast

Character Actor
Foster Jones

Lachlan Walker
Bob Jones
His father, unemployed
Patrick Mullins
the girl next door
Samantha Yates
Demoiselle's mother,
Fiona Kennedy
the Next door neighbour
Robert Garnham
Eugene's Russian bride
Noelle Fialova
Mrs Leopold
old lady
Pat Wockner
Russian Mafia
John Beach
King Ludwig of Bavaria
Blaise Ahern
Radio Announcer Blaise Ahern

The Crew

Stage ManagersFran Campbell
Leigh-Ellen Potter
Assistant Stage ManagerDavid Jones
Set DesignerLucy Moxon
Lighting DesignerDan Knudson
Costume DesignerNoelle Fialova

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