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Season 2021

Play 3

21 August -
5 September 2021

School for Scandal

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

The great degeneracy of the age - Many have taste, spirit, and politeness - but they won't drink!

Two brothers are tested by their wealthy uncle to determine which is the more trustworthy; and a crusty old fool-in-love tries to tame his feisty, much-younger wife.

Amidst the hilarity, a cast of characters whose names say it all: Lady Teazle, Lady Sneerwell, Mrs Candour, Surface, Backbite, Snake. There is much deception, double-dealing and backstabbing but virtue wins out over vice in the end.

This world of hypocritical scandal-mongering is all too familiar and make Sheridan’s satirical morality play a timeless joy.

directed by Jacqueline Kerr

Play 4

13 November -
28 November 2021

Summer Rain

By Nick Enright and Terence Clarke

A lively Australian musical

An outback town, Boxing Day, 1945. The dust settles as the populace nurses a Christmas hangover.
But when Slocum’s Travelling Tent Show becomes stranded by flood, emotions run high!
New love flourishes despite old resentments.

directed by Helen Ekundayo

Play Short and Sharp 2

30 July -
1 August 2021

Chekhov Double Bill
The Proposal and The Bear

by Anton Chekhov

Both set in rural Russia in the late nineteenth century, these two comedy shorts by Anton Chekhov feature a battle of the sexes, ridiculous behaviour, and stubborn yet endearing characters.

The Proposal (translated by Elisaveta Fen)

A one act farce
Lomov wants to marry Natalyia. He has her father’s permission but when he tries to talk with her, they end up arguing – firstly over a disputed piece of land and then over who has the best hunting dog.

directed by Viv Braybrook

The Bear (translated by Julius West)

Elena is obsessively mourning the death of her unfaithful husband when a stranger arrives, demanding payment of her husband’s debt. She refuses to pay up. The visitor refuses to leave. He’s a ‘brute’. She’s ‘silly’. The servant is beside himself. Passions and personalities collide in this fast-paced comedy

directed by Jane Binstead

Play Short and Sharp 3

22 October -
24 October 2021

Snapshots from Home

by Margery Forde

"We just carried on... even with our loved ones away for so long. Everyone shared things... food, knitting and dressmaking patterns. There was this great feeling of pulling together... of making do.”

Based on the wartime memories of twenty-four men and women from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Snapshots from Home shares the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times.

An honest, heartbreaking, and hilariously funny glimpse at the realities of life on the home front during World War Two.

directed by Leo Wockner

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